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Top 13 Most Gorgeous Babes from SPARTACUS:Naked and Willing 

So here it is...the long-awaited list of bloody naked beautiful Spartacus' series women.
As you may have notice, three ladies are missing from the list: Lucy Lawless, Jaime Murray and Cynthia Addai-Robinson. The reason for that is very simple. None of them turn me on as I watched their scenes. They're nice looking but I was just not into them. 

So the list going from last to first place. 

13. T-Ann Robson
Number of Nude Scenes: 1
Shame she appeared in only one episode and have only one nude scene cuz she possess a real great body.

12. Erin Cummings
Number of Nude Scenes: 5
I know the low position may be surprising, but I explain this to myself it's because I hadn't the opportunity to get to know her character. But that two sex scenes are pretty damm good.

11. Anna Hutchison
Number of Nude Scenes: 2
Anna is lovely lady, but I preferred her in Underbelly where she had seven nude scenes (for twelve episodes she appeared in). Maybe if there was more nude scene.....

10. Bonnie Sveen
Number of Nude Scenes: 3
She only shows breasts, but raw sex scene rewards it.

9. Jessica Grace Smith
Number of Nude Scenes: 3
Innocent look mixed with rough forced sex scene - excellent combination for me.

8. Ellen Hollman
Number of Nude Scenes: 2
Shame that wild sexy Saxa had only two nude scene (I wish they made some lesbian interaction between her and Katrina Law in season two – maybe if season had more than only ten episodes). But I love when girl pulls the air and you can see her ribs – and I have that in that orgy scene. 

7. Jenna Lind
Number of Nude Scenes: 6
She had probably one of the most beautiful and sensual sex scenes in all of the series. 
And her body is just magnificent.

Number of Nude Scenes: 5
To be honest I like two extremes: vanilla or raw sex and the love making scene with her and Gannicus is like a combination of both of them. A little scary but somehow beautiful. And furthermore Marisa have an amazing juicy ass. 

Number of Nude Scenes: 6
Lesley mostly did non-sexual nude scene or dark light sex scene. She have a great body and I really like her. And what more she reminds me of young Halle Berry and I love Halle. And like Marisa her ass is wonderful.
Pitty she could not star in last two seasons – was replaced by Cynthia Addai-Robinson who didn't have that same sexy sparkle. 

Number of Nude Scenes: 3
Her innocent girlish look is stunning. And her sexual awakening is just fabulous. Or should I say fuckbulous! Definitely I have my eye on that beauty. A year before Spartacus she have done her first nude scenes in movie X (also starring with Viva) so I think she would have no problem with nudity...I wait for more from her in the future.

And The Top 3: 

3. Viva Bianca
Number of Nude Scenes: 10
Viva is one of the main reasons I've started watching the series. And she's goddess in Spartacus naked arena (only Lucy with a total of sixteen have more nude scenes). She could be higher if I had a pregnant woman fetish. She also have an advantage in that she is from Polish background.
I have three favourite nude scenes of her: the very first full frontal merkin one, that long sex scene with Spartacus, and the one in which she seduce that young boy...what would I give to be seduced at that age by someone like Viva. 
Number of Nude Scenes: 8
I already wrote about Katrina so I just add that her Asian ancestry is what makes me desire her more. Oh and those cheekbones and freckles – Katrina wrote a new law when it come to beauty.
Funny thing is that, that despite of all her nude scenes, she (and Viva too) never show their bare ass and that makes me sad because I think her butt may be amazing and I'm craving to see it in some very near future. Interesting thing is that she is the only one actress to have four nude scene in one episode.
My favorite nude scene of her is the one in episode 9 of Season 1 where Lucy is in bath and she orders Katrina to remove her clothing. And when she do it we see her amazing perfect fit body in all its glory. 

Number of Nude Scenes: 3
Gwendoline is simply the absolute Spartacus beauty queen and one of the most mesmerizing and gorgeous woman I've ever seen in my life. Fell for her in her very first scene. As you may have noticed I have a thing for innocent looking girls and Gwendoline is a perfect example of that. The look at her face when Ellen Hollman disrobe her in the front of Gannicus is totally priceless. And her body is so perfect – include that firm breasts and ass. And the sex scene in last episode is fantastic; she's groaning in so delicious way - her moans are music to my ears. They probably couldn't have made a better last nude scene for series. Truly can't wait for extended version of this scene. 

And this is it.
I'm curious how your top ten list will look like. 

Great pervy minds think alike, my friend : ) Excellent list. For me though the top 3 are interchangeable. Viva Bianca is my favorite alongside Katrina. Viva has the definite Polish tits – shapely, just about the right size and needs a man touch and tongue to keep it supple. Katrina – a beauty queen. Always a turn on for me. Gwendoline....sweet ingenue. Wished she got Jessica Grace Smith treatment by Gannicus.

UPDATED 06/11/2013
VisitorQ has left a new comment:
Thanks for adding the pics, it definitely looks better now. Also I want to thank you for correcting all my grammar mistakes. I'm definitely much better at reading and listening comprehension. 

My apologies for altering some of the words. Trust me. I'm the last person to do any sorts of proof-reading. Because of my severe learning disability, I was constantly harangued and humiliated by the teachers from school right to college (miracle...nope…my dad pulled some strings) before dropping out. I'm a wiz with math but when it comes to grammar and phrase usage....as one of my tutors remarked long time ago: 'Boy, you have a weird way of writing and putting sentences together'. Actually improved in my twenties thanks to my wife who suggested I do some fiction reading and with help of my fantasy-obsessed brother got me hooked on Robert Jordan and later horror novelist Robert R. McCammon. Both of the guys played a big part in my style of writing. Still I'm pretty crappy when it comes to prose, tense (past and present) and extrapolating sentences. Sorry, VisitorQ for going on and on. I tend to do that a lot : )

Anonymous has left a new comment:    

No mention of the "bathtub girl" from season 1? Spartacus fans spent a lot of time back then figuring out who it was. 

I think the same East-Indian girl also got 'doggied' in another hot scene....S01E03
A birdy from Australia tweeted me couple of years ago if you want to ID the nude unknowns in Spartacus or other shows shot in Australia/New Zealand, check out StarNow. But make sure to do it before the actual premiere of the particular series which is nigh impossible. Some of the models remove their profile after shooting or preparing to shoot a nude scene from agent advisement. What I know about this chick and I'm remembering purely from my unreliable memory after losing all the details in recent PC meltdown is that she is of Sri Lankan heritage. 

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  1. Lucy Lawless is my number one. Lucretia's sex scenes were wild.

    Cynthia Addai-Robinson has nicer breasts than Lesley Ann Brandt. We only got a side view but she also has a great ass. Her lack of real (penetration) sex scenes was a disappointment.


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