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First time nude princesses Charlotte Hope andStephanie Blacker in Game of Thrones [S03E07] 2013.


First time nude princesses Charlotte Hope andStephanie Blacker in Game of Thrones [S03E07] 2013.

I believe this is the first time in British actresses nudity history there are so many female full-frontals in a single year and 2013 ain't over yet!
 Charlotte Hope was brave in going all the way in nudity department being newcomer and all. The English lass also has terrific riding skills.
Charlotte trained as a dancer. There isn't much info on Charlotte. Still in her early twenties. Charlotte is still finding her feet in the biz but has had no problem showing her wide array of talents full gonzo for us to appreciate.
Charlotte's Showreel 2012

 29-years old Stephanie Blacker clearly don't want folks to see her pubes but Charlotte pussy galore more than makes up for it. Ms. Blacker has been around the acting block for a while. She and Charlotte bonded over the short period they work together and nude scene brought them even closer. Filmed the scene prior to getting preggers few weeks later.
From a 2007 article:
Stephanie and the steamy kiss
A young actress showcasing her film debut is bound to be nervous, but 23-year-old Stephanie Blacker has perhaps more reason to be anxious than most. Her first big-screen role involves a steamy lesbian kiss with the former Baywatch actress Carmen Electra in the new British comedy I Want Candy.
So far Stephanie, educated at St Mary’s School in Wantage, Oxfordshire, has been brave enough to show the raunchy film to her father Philip, a former Grand National jockey who is now a sculptor.
But the biggest test will come when she takes her music industry boyfriend Tom Graham to see it tomorrow.
‘He was impressed when I told him and now when he introduces me to his friends he says: ‘This is my girlfriend, she’s snogged Carmen Electra’,’ says Stephanie. ‘I think he couldn’t quite believe it. But it’s easier to kiss a girl. I think he’d prefer to see me kiss Carmen than some hunky lead man.’
My personal assessment about the pair: Charlotte is quite daring for someone so young and if she works hard could graduate to key supporting roles in few years. Stephanie after a decade in bit parts probably went f*ck it when she accepted the nudity required character. The pay is good and she got nothing to lose.

Not forgetting Oona Chaplin in Game of Thrones [S03E07] finally doing her first proper nude scene (butt)and my, my....pity she's still anal about showing tits. Wearing nips-patch, my dear?

 And talking about pretty bottom...can someone please confirm if Nathalie Emmanuel is a muff diver? She and fellow actressMelissa Wells ounds awfully chummy in their tweets to each other. Boy I'm confused. Here I thought she was cozy with Dan Hildebrand.
Nathalie has spent more time in L.A than at home mostly auditioning (been informed folks are less than impressed with her so far) and hoping to move there in near future. British actors from biracial background are quite popular in America for the exotica factor. Only hindrance: lack of screen presence.

Game Of Thrones: Access’ Countdown To Season 3 Q-and-A — Nathalie Emmanuel Talks Missandei

Nathalie Emmanuel at the ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere (left) and as Missandei in Season 3 (right) How did you end up joining the series?
Nathalie Emmanuel: I just saw the breakdown for it on [a casting site]… I e-mailed my agent like, ‘Oh my God! There’s a part in ‘Game of Thrones’ that I could actually go for… It’s my favorite show! Please! I really want to do it.’ She’s like, ‘You know what Nathalie? I’ve already sent you over for it and we’re waiting to get a casting date.’ I was so excited… I think it was about a week later I went to the audition [with Nina Gold’s office] and I auditioned with [casting director] Robert Sterne. He put me on tape and then I didn’t hear anything for weeks… To be honest, I kind of forgot about it, ‘cause usually over here, if you don’t hear anything within a week or a couple of weeks at most, you assume you didn’t get it. Then, one day, I was coming into my house and I had like five bags of shopping – I’d been to the supermarket — and my agent rang, and she was like, ‘Oh, by the way, you got it.’ I was like, ‘Got what?’ She’s like, ‘Game of Thrones.’ I [said], ‘Don’t lie!’ She went, ‘No, I’m serious!’ And I just literally dropped my shopping and broke a jar or something… It was hysterical because I’m such a fan of the show… It was the best moment ever.
Access: Back to working with Emilia – did you bond on set?
Nathalie:We did bond quite a bit on set actually (laughs)…  ‘cause we’re both a little bit obsessed with Beyonce, so we were just basically applying Beyonce songs to the scenes that we were doing, as like the soundtrack of the scene. That was quite a funny thing that we did. We’d be like, ‘Right, what Beyonce song is going to this scene?’ We had a giggle with that and I think Daenerys has a lot of Beyonce songs actually [that can] like be her theme song ‘cause she’s so ‘girl power,’ like ‘Run the World’ kind of vibe. That was kind of a favorite (laughs).


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